Do unto your brother…

We most tend to look upon others whenever we need any sort of aid from them but whenever we’re better off, we tend to forget what another did to get you where you are. It’s often that we learn to criticise people when we really need their support but they turn their back to your pleas. And yet, when we are looked upon to, we tend to forget that once you were in the very same position as the person looking up to you. We live in a diverse world and relate with different kinds of people. We all lean towards someone for our betterment but tend to get selfish when it comes to lending a hand back. And when we’re pushed to the wall, we tend to do it as a favour in expectance of something in return in the coming future. How selfish do people grow when they have more that they lose their humanity. I recently saw a physically challenged person, desperately asking for whatever help you might offer just to keep him going. Be it financially or in the very less, feed him. As he was trying to walk with his hands, since he had no limbs, he approached a man with a sleek car and raised his one arm opening his palm, seeking help in the formal way he can without using words. One arm he used to support himself on the ground since he had no limbs to stand upon. On his hands he wore slippers to avoid the blisters that can be caused by the hot tarmac or rough grounds. He couldn’t see well the person inside the car and since I side-lined the sleek huge car just a metre behind, I could tell he really considered the man could offer him much better help. What I saw made me feel sorry for him. With is palm open and wearing a desperate face, even though the traffic was still immobile, the man slowly drove his car forward keeping only a few centimetres from the car ahead of him just to avoid him. Words could do better if only he could just open the window and if he couldn’t offer any help just make him understand that he’s not in a position to help today. Simple words and it could have made the desperate man feel better with compassion even without being offered anything. Its only that he turned and approached me and quickly offered the little that could help him, even if it’s to buy a cup of locally cooked tea and cake at a cheaper price. Moral is, we’re not born in this world with all that we need, its only through mutual understanding with people and self-commitment that we get to where we are today. Business people rely on their customers to keep their businesses growing. What happens when he tries to be gluttonous and the customers come to know, one by one, his loyal clients will break from them and the business will be doomed for failure. You may look down upon someone today because they solely rely on you for their daily upkeep but if you mistreat them just because they’ll do nothing in return, remember no one is ascertained of the future, you may find yourself in a position where you desperately need their help. A watchman may earn little compared to your earnings, but you don’t look down upon them because you rely on them to keep you safe. It’s said, don’t go stepping on people’s heads to get to the top because on your way down, you’ll be sympathising with them and it won’t be easy if no good relations were formed. We should always tell ourselves, I’ll do unto my brother, what I’d want my brother to do unto me. As his Holiness Pope Francis said, “To those whom much is given, much will be demanded.”

Yours Kevin



Into the mental realm

Thinking is healthy. Over thinking is harmful. Where do we cross the line to unhealthy thinking? Personally, we tend to stress more on thoughts which are of almost non conformity. Overthinking mostly is involved with a combination of emotional distress of an unconfirmed probability mixed up with fear. Healthy thinking mostly comes out factual, assumptions are mostly neglected unless confirmed. With overthinking, most assumptions are made with fear of confirmation, fear of any outcome that may come about. Take an example, why do some or most of us fear to live?…and yet they comfort themselves with too much expectations that may come about in their life bringing a much significant positive change? Yet they fear on what they may do to bring out these changes. A step at a time is what we’re always told. Break your bigger expectations to smaller, more accomplishable tasks. Reason is, we tend to get more stressful when trying to accomplish a big task as a whole than when we break it down to smaller manageable tasks. Lets go to relationships. Where’s there’s mistrust, insecurities are bound to tag along. What happens?… the brain fires up to any doubts be there between the couples, be it an unanswered call, delayed or unresponsed text among others. This is as a fear of loss.

To summarise it, overthinking leads to complication of situations or events, stress, disconnection from reality, difficulty in social engagement among others. To practice thinking is healthy but don’t let it get above the bar.