Desktop 101THE SURFACE STUDIO 2016


A one terabyte storage drive, 32 GB RAM, wide and flexible colour enhanced display and a strong graphic processing unit for a quick buck of a starting $2,999.

If you can recall the previous desktops versions in the past, for people like me, it was mostly used for processing documents, playing games, social interaction and browsing. If I wanted to do some art, I would look for some plain sheets of paper to do my sketching or on a larger scale, get a canvas.

This year the surface studio is more so for the art lovers. Be it an artist, architect, music composer, construction engineer, et al. You can tell by the accessories accompanying the device but in all it’s a powerful ‘desktop’ for most professional levels.


Apart from the surface pen which has been around for quite some time, Microsoft has created a new accessory device called the ‘surface dial.’ I can say is the most powerful piece of accompanying accessory whereby it can navigate, store and do plenty of more tricks than a mouse can do.

surface dial.

So if you’re willing to churn out around $3,000 to have it as your personal PC, is a good bet you can gamble on.


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