LG K4: The time is now 

If you’re still hanging onto the days of the old age phones where you only had a multi-type keyboard and you’re still dreaming of moving forward, it’s time to catcCheers 

 A variety of entry smartphones have been released and one of them is the LG K4. Being only an entry tier smartphone it was announced on January 2016 and has been in the market as from February. 

At a weight of 120g with a 4.5″ screen which is OK for its price range, it comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop running on a 1GB RAM and a quad core processor…not so tasty, right? On the side of photography, it’s not all jolly as it has a 5MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera. That may be below average but I really can’t deceive it as some of the top tier BlackBerry phones bear a front camera of the same MP. Let’s say it all rains down to the software image processor behind the camera. A 20MP camera does not really mean it’s the best camera compared to a 13MP, it all comes down to how the images will be processed.  

As for network, it comes with an LTE support for some snappy browsing and in terms of the battery capacity, it’s 1940 mAh which is quite enough for some basic usage. 

If you’re a person who perceives colour as an important aspect in smartphone likeable idealism, am sorry, you only get to options; white or indigo. 

So if your budget is stringent and you need a smartphone, you can grab it but don’t over utilise the RAM or otherwise you might end up with a lagging smartphone. 




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