LG K4: The time is now 

If you’re still hanging onto the days of the old age phones where you only had a multi-type keyboard and you’re still dreaming of moving forward, it’s time to catcCheers 

 A variety of entry smartphones have been released and one of them is the LG K4. Being only an entry tier smartphone it was announced on January 2016 and has been in the market as from February. 

At a weight of 120g with a 4.5″ screen which is OK for its price range, it comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop running on a 1GB RAM and a quad core processor…not so tasty, right? On the side of photography, it’s not all jolly as it has a 5MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera. That may be below average but I really can’t deceive it as some of the top tier BlackBerry phones bear a front camera of the same MP. Let’s say it all rains down to the software image processor behind the camera. A 20MP camera does not really mean it’s the best camera compared to a 13MP, it all comes down to how the images will be processed.  

As for network, it comes with an LTE support for some snappy browsing and in terms of the battery capacity, it’s 1940 mAh which is quite enough for some basic usage. 

If you’re a person who perceives colour as an important aspect in smartphone likeable idealism, am sorry, you only get to options; white or indigo. 

So if your budget is stringent and you need a smartphone, you can grab it but don’t over utilise the RAM or otherwise you might end up with a lagging smartphone. 




Ride with me: OnePlus 3T

At a weight of 158g and an all metal armoury, the phone bears at its front a 5.5″ Optic Amoled display with a pixels density of 401ppi. The Optic Amoled is similar to the Super Amoled, only that it’s fine tuned to conserve the battery life.  On screen protection, it comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and if that’s not enough for you, you can add a layer of glass protection on top of it. 
The phone ships in with OnePlus Oxygen OS built on the Android OS Marshmallow with a planned upgrade to Android Nougat. Inside is a 6GB of RAM goodness, which is pretty much than even an ordinary laptop and an internal storage of either 64/128GB. There’s no memory card slot so you have to make your choice on this one in consideration of your needs. The more the storage, the pricier it is so if you’re on a tight budget, you can buy the 64 gig version and utilise cloud storage apps like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Front and rear cameras are 16MP, that is just wow, which comes with all the features you’d get on a premium built phone like the OIS, geotagging, phase detection, autofocus among others. You can also record HD videos and HDR images. 
For those wondering about the juice, it ships in with a 3400 mAh battery on which if you are an average user, it can take you through the day and still remain with some charge for the night. 

Need I say more? 

Kevin ​


“Remember to always share with those whom are less fortunate than you,” Mr Tembo said just as the school bell rang to end the school day session. Next week there will be an academic trip to an elderly shelter home just a few kilometers away. Adrian picked up one copy of the charity collection form from the teacher’s desk and tucked it on the side pocket of his bag. It was the beginning of what he termed as ‘an actively engaging weekend.’“Papa, Mama, I need you to contribute for this charity fair were doing for the elderly.” His family was not well of financially and the parents had put an effort not to show it off to their son. 

“I’ll tell you what son,” Papa said, “I don’t have much to contribute but since it’s for charity, is it okay with your school if I offered a coat as part the donation? The cold season is coming and we’re lucky to have a roof over our heads. Am sure a coat will help to keep one of the elderly warm.”

“It’s okay Papa.” 

He went into his bedroom and came back with one of his best coats.

“But Papa, this is one of your best coats!”

“I’ll tell you a secret son. If you give your best in life, then it’s what you’ll get in return. No good deed goes unrewarded in this world.”

“What about you Mama?”

“Come and see me on the morning of the visit. I’ll have something prepared.”

Adrian’s target was to raise around sh 2000. After all, that seemed more than enough for him as an eight year old child. So he set out on the Saturday morning to start his collection. He started off with his immediate neighbors whom we’re philanthropic and offered him sh 200 each for the first five houses.

“One more sh 1000 to go,” he smiled to himself.

Nearby, three was a newly opened supermarket which attracted most of the ’rich’ folks and he marked it as a sweet spot for his charity campaign. On his way back home, he had a couple of questions that he intended to ask his parents.

“Can I ask you a question Mama?”

“Yes you can.”

“Why is it that people who seem well off have a problem with giving? Is it that all of them have problems or they are selfish because all they could give is sh 20 each person. Some even just ignored me.”

Her mom, startled by that question had to think of a clear answer which couldn’t distort the world’s perception to the child.

“I’ll tell you this,” she began, “First, people who are contempt with what they have, always find themselves seeking for more. They find it hard to give unless it’s of their own selfish benefit. Unless you appreciate what you have, then you’ll be blinded by your desires.”

“Second, never judge people as a group. Judge each of them as an individual. Not every one man’s doing is the action of everyone.”

“Third, always be kind to another person. Kindness warms a cold heart.”

“With that am going to prepare some good pancakes that morning which you can take to the elderly. A good meal brings people together. It’s what your grandmother taught me.”

“Please never forget my words, okay Adrian?”

“I promise to never will,” Adrian replied with a hug. 


Located in Kenya and embeds the capital, not long ago in the ‘80s,’90s and early 2000s it was once known as the city of birds. Having a national park at its heart, the city was not only known as the city with a national park but also as a haven for a wide array of bird species. Not only would you see them in the park but also within a thirty kilometres radius around the park. That was when I was a young child. Fast forward to around year 2010 and later, things have taken a turn. 

Every city has to play it’s stake…

As a city grows, so does its population and other factors that affect it. With a rise in population so comes a demand in settlement. Once a fairly populated city, it has now become densely populated with an estimate of about 4 million people selling within the county. This calls for clearing of trees to raise building to accommodate settlement. It was a first step in clearing the birds natural habitat. Second, came in the factor of transportation. Being the capital city, it became the network hub of transportation to various destinations. Increase in cars trafficking the city led to increase in air pollution… Noise and fumes from hooting and engine revving to emissions from car exhausts.

Photo credits Nation Media Group

Most birds are sensitive to noise and with it on the rise can lead to shift in habitat. With now sparse vegetation, due to human settlement, led to shortage of birds food supply. This kicked in for what natural instincts would do… Migration. So as the years passed by, so did the birds species and population reduce and the place to view most of them, is to pay a visit to the game park. The city has played its stake, it’s infrastructure for habitat loss. So, if strict development planning measures are put up, will it reverse bird’s population to its former days? 


Desktop 101THE SURFACE STUDIO 2016


A one terabyte storage drive, 32 GB RAM, wide and flexible colour enhanced display and a strong graphic processing unit for a quick buck of a starting $2,999.

If you can recall the previous desktops versions in the past, for people like me, it was mostly used for processing documents, playing games, social interaction and browsing. If I wanted to do some art, I would look for some plain sheets of paper to do my sketching or on a larger scale, get a canvas.

This year the surface studio is more so for the art lovers. Be it an artist, architect, music composer, construction engineer, et al. You can tell by the accessories accompanying the device but in all it’s a powerful ‘desktop’ for most professional levels.


Apart from the surface pen which has been around for quite some time, Microsoft has created a new accessory device called the ‘surface dial.’ I can say is the most powerful piece of accompanying accessory whereby it can navigate, store and do plenty of more tricks than a mouse can do.

surface dial.

So if you’re willing to churn out around $3,000 to have it as your personal PC, is a good bet you can gamble on.

That bad talk is not a bliss

I’ve come to notice today how much people are giving out negative energy and it’s not all good. From the press commentaries, to the politics within, game shows and even our day to day interaction. Good deeds are been given little attention while the bad news take the lead headlines. The world is not as bad as people are portraying it and or but would it heal more properly if people did something good about it? We talk of our neighbours break-in, plight of  refugees, hunger in the world and globa catastrophes like climate change but how many are willing to avert this disasters? We need to do more than just talk, the world will not heal with time if we don’t do anything. It’s time to post something positive on social media, respond to crisis or disasters and not publish them as a way of getting the most attention or likes from people. 


What’s your uniqueness or personal identifier? Be it on social media, personality, work, social interactions? How do people get to know you? You should create a uniqueness of your own that people can relate to you. Let the uniqueness be positive as possible. Don’t be the kind that follows or goes along with crowd but an individual whom trails his or her own path. Do good no matter how challenging it is, one day you’ll get your rewards in bountiful. Acts of good deeds don’t go unrewarded.    

The branding monologue

I talked to a friend the previous day and he was addressing me on the concerns which her company is facing in the marketing sector…the “branding monologue.” 

For most successful production companies today, investing in marketing programmes plays a key role in the success of sales of their products. Therefore if you want to keep interest of your products to your consumers, you must be ready to invest. 

So, what are some of the factors that boost the sales of your products?…branding and advertisement. For her company, it’s doing well with the advertisement but it’s maintaining a monologue branding.

For ‘monologue branding’ I mean, whatever labeling the company used for its products over 5 years ago, is what it’s still using today. It’ll be a cliche to the eyes of the consumer and eventually when it turns all boring, and a new competitor comes in, the stocks will stagnate on the shelves due to the low buyout. 

So, for her company, they came up with a new slogan, “why change our labeling while the brand name is selling itself?” Total sleep out on their work! On a short study , I came to notice, while they are on a holiday spree in their offices, their products on the supermarket shelf and retail stores were facing a declining sell out compared to their competitors.

Changing the branding design on the labels of your products introduces a fresh eye to the consumer. Most people buy things today based on the attractiveness of the product itself. This may include from the shape of the product package, ‘graffiti’ on the product labels and also the color design used. One of the reason we don’t use the first generation Nokia phones or the old model Zenith TV today is because people got tired of the monologue color of black and white.

So as much as the brand of your product is selling today, don’t cut on the cost of marketing. The reason why Coca-Cola is still the leading company in the market share soft drinks companies is because it invests a lot in marketing. It’s the one of the best ways to get in reach of the consumers to identify your brand and products. 

So as much as the ‘unnamed’ company personnels are slacking in their offices, it’s a pity that they are facing a downfall, unknowingly, out of ignorance. And much worse in that they fall deaf to other people’s ideas in a belief that they’ve got a hold.

Expectations, the motivation killer?

I don’t know if it usually happens to me or it’s something experienced by other people but things done on dire preparations tend to be a little boring. Take for example, a photo captured out of pure unknowing tells more of the story than that caught out of an aware pose. An outdoor activity tends to be more fun if done without prior preparations than that done out a fully packed suit. A surprise date tends to be more interesting than that which is planned. 

My thought is that, an unplanned, out of the office activity tends to be more interesting due to the various number of probable outcomes to be expected. There isn’t much expectations that can make you feel disappointed if they don’t come to be or happen for that instance. A date gone wrong tends to be called so due to that ‘bad’ unexpectected factor that came to play that wasn’t in one’s plan.

Ever planned an event and mailed your friends a date you’re to meet up. Then come that day and while your friends are all happy and cheerful ,you seem to be a little dull? Turns our that your brain is usually stimulated in a stream of thoughts…what’s now?, next?, or after?,…that tend to make you overthink. Like…how interesting will they find my event?…how much will they like my food?…how will they rate this compared to other events we’ve attended? One small disapproval may leave your positive expectations spiraling down to a fall. 

The reason why some relationships don’t last is because of expectations having being placed there in the first place. The reason you’ll find a BlackBerry boring to you is because you expected it to perform like an iPhone. The reason you keep deleting your selfie photo claiming it’s not all nice it because you expected it to look better. The reason you find your brand new Toyota all boring is because you expected it to perform like a Subaru Impreza WRX. 

All am trying to say, the more the expectations, the more the disappointments. If it’s not an official event, don’t raise your hopes to high. If you’re planning to do something, don’t overdo it. Don’t do it to please, but to enjoy. Let it flow 🙂

When the humanity in us is dying slowly…

Not so long ago, people lived in a harmonious way to prove the existence of humanity is through unity. The sick got taken care of, the wounded wouldn’t have to be rushed to the hospital first to get patched up, the elderly would be taken care of with great affection, charitable events would be done at large for the less fortunate and in times of disasters or tragedies people gathered up to help.

What happened to all that?

Today’s world is full of self-centred individuals. More and more elderly people are being abandoned by their families, the margin between the rich and poor is growing larger, the sick are no longer visited, the desperation for attention is becoming like a disease and the lust and desire for money is like the epicentre of a great outbreak. 

Social media is like the new gateway to connections, which it is, but very ironical for someone to have hundreds of online friends but barely knows his/her next door neighbour. There’s this slogan today, “Say hi to your neighbour, the keys to your house at times get lost.”

The appetite for followers. Yes that urge which is like a parasite sucking away the reality and might leave you anaemic to what is happening around you. If your house catches fire, your 2M Instagram followers won’t come to help you put it off. All they’ll do is double tap to like, it’s all you ever wanted after all, isn’t it?

Stop with the cameras already. If you see someone in a tragedy, rush to help. Your camera is not a CT scan for diagnosis. A little help may be the chance to help that person recover. 

Where has your act of mercy gone to? Did you see the blind person, elderly or child trying to cross the road? If you did, did you help them get across to the other side or did you wait for someone else to do it so that you can share pictures portraying there heroism? He/she is not a hero but human, I don’t know what to say about you. 

For the sick, how many have you cared for or visited? It’s not a must you carry something with you, your presence is enough for them just to know someone still cares for them. Don’t leave them in isolation, it’s not like they are doomed for death, they still have a life to live as long as they are breathing. Make them see how worth it is. It may be the only hope to not giving up in life and gain a quick recovery.

Some of us have worked hard and gained the riches of the world. But as they were so busy with themselves, day by day were their parents were also getting older and they forgot about them. As a day passes by, we’re growing older and not younger. If you forget all the sacrifices your parents made to get you where you are today by absconding your duty to the elderly, your time is not too far to come. We say, just yesterday I was a child, I can’t believe how fast I’ve grown! Well, tomorrow is not eons away. Love your parents and give them more affection that you can recall them giving you.

Wealth is good, it portrays as the reward to your hard earned work, not unless you obtained it in the wrong way. But being selfish is also wrong. Show some act of charity with a kind heart. After all, when you die, what you’re so selfish with, you’ll leave other people spending it.

Remember what goes around, comes back around unless you change your actions sooner.