When the humanity in us is dying slowly…

Not so long ago, people lived in a harmonious way to prove the existence of humanity is through unity. The sick got taken care of, the wounded wouldn’t have to be rushed to the hospital first to get patched up, the elderly would be taken care of with great affection, charitable events would be done at large for the less fortunate and in times of disasters or tragedies people gathered up to help.

What happened to all that?

Today’s world is full of self-centred individuals. More and more elderly people are being abandoned by their families, the margin between the rich and poor is growing larger, the sick are no longer visited, the desperation for attention is becoming like a disease and the lust and desire for money is like the epicentre of a great outbreak. 

Social media is like the new gateway to connections, which it is, but very ironical for someone to have hundreds of online friends but barely knows his/her next door neighbour. There’s this slogan today, “Say hi to your neighbour, the keys to your house at times get lost.”

The appetite for followers. Yes that urge which is like a parasite sucking away the reality and might leave you anaemic to what is happening around you. If your house catches fire, your 2M Instagram followers won’t come to help you put it off. All they’ll do is double tap to like, it’s all you ever wanted after all, isn’t it?

Stop with the cameras already. If you see someone in a tragedy, rush to help. Your camera is not a CT scan for diagnosis. A little help may be the chance to help that person recover. 

Where has your act of mercy gone to? Did you see the blind person, elderly or child trying to cross the road? If you did, did you help them get across to the other side or did you wait for someone else to do it so that you can share pictures portraying there heroism? He/she is not a hero but human, I don’t know what to say about you. 

For the sick, how many have you cared for or visited? It’s not a must you carry something with you, your presence is enough for them just to know someone still cares for them. Don’t leave them in isolation, it’s not like they are doomed for death, they still have a life to live as long as they are breathing. Make them see how worth it is. It may be the only hope to not giving up in life and gain a quick recovery.

Some of us have worked hard and gained the riches of the world. But as they were so busy with themselves, day by day were their parents were also getting older and they forgot about them. As a day passes by, we’re growing older and not younger. If you forget all the sacrifices your parents made to get you where you are today by absconding your duty to the elderly, your time is not too far to come. We say, just yesterday I was a child, I can’t believe how fast I’ve grown! Well, tomorrow is not eons away. Love your parents and give them more affection that you can recall them giving you.

Wealth is good, it portrays as the reward to your hard earned work, not unless you obtained it in the wrong way. But being selfish is also wrong. Show some act of charity with a kind heart. After all, when you die, what you’re so selfish with, you’ll leave other people spending it.

Remember what goes around, comes back around unless you change your actions sooner.




Introversion, it’s not a self-indulgence

Introversion is not a self-isolation.

It’s not something that one chooses to be.

It’s not something that one seeks.

It carries its own burdens.


You don’t get to make much friends.

You also don’t get to know how to keep them.

You get stuck somewhere, but you don’t know how to seek help.

You make mistakes, people get angry.

But you don’t know how to explain yourself.

All you thought was the right thing.


You meet someone, you avoid them.

They show interest in you, and you give them your attention.

You fall in love; it becomes a battle of judgement.

It’s your first time.

So you open up your heart, and finally say you’ve found someone.

It gets broken, and you sink in pain.

It gets all quiet.

You get to tell yourself never to fall in love again, but it’s not how it works

No one told you not to fall fast in love.


You sign up a social account. Nobody knows me here.

You get to follow people, some follow back.

And say you’ve got a sense of belonging.

Let me post something, you say.

But then, what will people think about me?

It’s the cautious you.

So you keep hitting the backspace and log out

No one told you that it’s a free world.

Your voice fades away.


You’ve finished school and your all grown up

Mama and Papa tell you that you have to craft your life

You get out of your cocoon and meet the world

It’s all hazy and frightening. Where do I start?

You make it to your first interview, and questions pin you down

You didn’t score the point on communication skills, and that call for a job doesn’t come in.

Maybe employment is not for me, you say.


You start to craft your life.

Too many dreams, too many opportunities to choose from

Maybe this, maybe that, will get me there

You scroll the web and find links to guide you

One by one you subscribe, and emails start coming in

You get to read them daily; man never runs out of options

The advices get immense, confusion kicks in

Your dreams, your hope start fading

It’s not long before…. you get lost in you.


Stress kicks in, I have to do something you say

You look at how far your friends have gone

Some are lost, some are like you, others are successful

You start living other people’s lives, emulate others, is what you’re told

But everything doesn’t work for you

No one told you,

The world is a stage; you have to play your role.


Many in the world may be like you

Some have found their purpose in life

Others have stepped out and made a difference

Others are changing the world

All you need is to listen to yourself

Remember, you don’t need a thousand candles to battle the darkness,

You just need to light one.





In the world of self-centeredness lies some agony.

I switch on my tv, all I see is rioting, war, riches, politics. I login to my social media sites; everyone is bragging, others complaining in distress or pain and others talking abusively of others. I log out and decide to walk around the streets. Maybe the world will give me a better view of humanly as we are. All I get at most is disappointment. I see a man, holding out a plate, begging for help…at least a coin my brother or sister will add up to buy a meal. All I see are people passing him or her one after another.


I took a corner around the block and found a man being harassed by the enforcement arm. Some were able to take flight, the unlucky are facing the wrath. All they did was legally wrong but in the eyes of humanity it is right. “I don’t have enough money to start-up a shop and pay taxes. I have a family looking up at me for their daily bread. All I can do is to sell some little stuff on the street and hopefully get enough to buy some bread and milk and take home,” he kept saying. But all his words fell deaf on the law enforcers. People crowd around, watching him being harassed, but no one dares to raise a voice at least to see the man treated fairly even if his acts were lawfully wrong. Then they start talking within themselves saying how wrong they mistreated him and something to be done but nobody stands out to talk.


Walking down a little further, the weather begins to change. The cold strikes in, it almost looks like it’s about to rain and people start to hurriedly walk past me. Further down the street was a cafe. Quickly I got in, ordered some tea and cake hoping it will warm me up. Upon being placed on the table, I said a little prayer and began to eat. On my right was a window. On quick glances, something caught my attention. In the midst of people on the rush just on the opposite street, I saw a woman, curled up in a corner, tightly holding something wrapped in a lightly embroiled cloth. Curiously, I looked on to see if I’ll get a better view on what she was holding. She made a slight move as if to comfortably adjust herself on that small spot that I noticed something, there on her arms was a child. With one hand tightly grasping the child, the other was lifting a plastic cup persistently begging the passersby for mercy to offer something to sustain herself and the child. My heart sunk. A question popped in my mind… if this child grew and saw how much people can be selfish, what path would he/she decide to take?. Surely, it may not be that of generosity knowing its a culture of every man by himself. And seeing her mother beg, he might wonder if it’s the only way to get compassion.


I quickly got up, left the unfinished snack on table, paid my bill and quickly rushed to a nearby supermarket. On the shelves, I grabbed some bits of snacks and drinks and headed to the counter. What a queue! Trolley after trolley fully stacked up, people anxiously waiting for their turn at the counter to be attended to. On the counter, there were tin cans with some narrow slot on the top with some printed paper on the side…Red Cross, make a little donation to help a person in need. The slot was neatly cut to fit coins and not necessarily notes, meaning it only takes a little of your money to help. I saw no one drop a coin in the tin. Heading over to the woman encroached in a corner, I handed over the snacks and in return she gave me her blessings and many thanks. Surely it feels good to know you did an act of charity out of a heart of giving.


At home, comfortably seated on a sofa, I started recalling all that happened during the day. I switched the tv on and the same negative news was going on. A positive story came up but all it could occupy was the passing words at the bottom of the screen. Logging back to my social sites, it was still the same buzz. Surely if this keeps going on, we’ll plant hate even to the generation of the young kids in this world. The word peace, love and kindness will soon start fading away. Trust and respect will be something people will have to earn or otherwise you will be treated as a foe. Humanity as we see it, where will be heading? As of now it looks as if its heading south.


As much as we are busy with our own lives, remember none of us has made it this far alone. For there to be peace, there has to be love. Even for the hard at heart, there’s always that bit of humanity crying out in their hearts, only that they choose not to express it. And if you feel that compassion is hard thing for you to do, at least teach it to your kids and also fellow-men to show it to their fellow beings.

Do unto your brother…

We most tend to look upon others whenever we need any sort of aid from them but whenever we’re better off, we tend to forget what another did to get you where you are. It’s often that we learn to criticise people when we really need their support but they turn their back to your pleas. And yet, when we are looked upon to, we tend to forget that once you were in the very same position as the person looking up to you. We live in a diverse world and relate with different kinds of people. We all lean towards someone for our betterment but tend to get selfish when it comes to lending a hand back. And when we’re pushed to the wall, we tend to do it as a favour in expectance of something in return in the coming future. How selfish do people grow when they have more that they lose their humanity. I recently saw a physically challenged person, desperately asking for whatever help you might offer just to keep him going. Be it financially or in the very less, feed him. As he was trying to walk with his hands, since he had no limbs, he approached a man with a sleek car and raised his one arm opening his palm, seeking help in the formal way he can without using words. One arm he used to support himself on the ground since he had no limbs to stand upon. On his hands he wore slippers to avoid the blisters that can be caused by the hot tarmac or rough grounds. He couldn’t see well the person inside the car and since I side-lined the sleek huge car just a metre behind, I could tell he really considered the man could offer him much better help. What I saw made me feel sorry for him. With is palm open and wearing a desperate face, even though the traffic was still immobile, the man slowly drove his car forward keeping only a few centimetres from the car ahead of him just to avoid him. Words could do better if only he could just open the window and if he couldn’t offer any help just make him understand that he’s not in a position to help today. Simple words and it could have made the desperate man feel better with compassion even without being offered anything. Its only that he turned and approached me and quickly offered the little that could help him, even if it’s to buy a cup of locally cooked tea and cake at a cheaper price. Moral is, we’re not born in this world with all that we need, its only through mutual understanding with people and self-commitment that we get to where we are today. Business people rely on their customers to keep their businesses growing. What happens when he tries to be gluttonous and the customers come to know, one by one, his loyal clients will break from them and the business will be doomed for failure. You may look down upon someone today because they solely rely on you for their daily upkeep but if you mistreat them just because they’ll do nothing in return, remember no one is ascertained of the future, you may find yourself in a position where you desperately need their help. A watchman may earn little compared to your earnings, but you don’t look down upon them because you rely on them to keep you safe. It’s said, don’t go stepping on people’s heads to get to the top because on your way down, you’ll be sympathising with them and it won’t be easy if no good relations were formed. We should always tell ourselves, I’ll do unto my brother, what I’d want my brother to do unto me. As his Holiness Pope Francis said, “To those whom much is given, much will be demanded.”

Yours Kevin