Stop hitting that backspace…

The amateur blogger or editor involuntarily finds the backspace button a friendly key to him or her. Reasons being, they usually are not sure whether the readers will be much interested in their work. I too get to hit that key and go blank for a minute or two before I get the words to type again. The key problem is under-confidence. This kicks in doubt and lowers morale. When writing an article or blog, try not to over think. Remember, it’s your article. Get to picture it and write it down as you want to. Make it interesting a you can to yourself. Remember, if what you’re writing down is boring to you, it will be twice as boring to the one who’ll get to read it. So don’t shy away, don’t over think, just let it flow. Be there any corrections, the readers will correct you. The more you get to write, the more you get to perfect. So don’t ditch that article in the bin.