That bad talk is not a bliss

I’ve come to notice today how much people are giving out negative energy and it’s not all good. From the press commentaries, to the politics within, game shows and even our day to day interaction. Good deeds are been given little attention while the bad news take the lead headlines. The world is not as bad as people are portraying it and or but would it heal more properly if people did something good about it? We talk of our neighbours break-in, plight of  refugees, hunger in the world and globa catastrophes like climate change but how many are willing to avert this disasters? We need to do more than just talk, the world will not heal with time if we don’t do anything. It’s time to post something positive on social media, respond to crisis or disasters and not publish them as a way of getting the most attention or likes from people. 



What’s your uniqueness or personal identifier? Be it on social media, personality, work, social interactions? How do people get to know you? You should create a uniqueness of your own that people can relate to you. Let the uniqueness be positive as possible. Don’t be the kind that follows or goes along with crowd but an individual whom trails his or her own path. Do good no matter how challenging it is, one day you’ll get your rewards in bountiful. Acts of good deeds don’t go unrewarded.    

The have not(s)…

Well, I’ve read a lot of some guidelines to have a happy life and most involve the do(s). They vary from interaction with others and some narrow down to a personal life. I came across a poster with some simplified guidelines which I find relatable. I talked mostly of the do not(s). I’ll share to how it was quoted:


  1. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
  2. Never trouble another for what you can do yourself.
  3. Never spend your money before you have it.
  4. Never buy what you do not want just because it’s cheap.
  5. Never do anything against your will or desire.
  6. Never allow evil to push or pull you towards pain.
  7. Never speak or react when you’re angry.
  8. Never underestimate your opponent in your life activities.
  9. Never make a judgement from the first impression.
  10. Never make an assumption without a verification.


Hoping that, if not all, some of them will be relatable.




Into the mental realm

Thinking is healthy. Over thinking is harmful. Where do we cross the line to unhealthy thinking? Personally, we tend to stress more on thoughts which are of almost non conformity. Overthinking mostly is involved with a combination of emotional distress of an unconfirmed probability mixed up with fear. Healthy thinking mostly comes out factual, assumptions are mostly neglected unless confirmed. With overthinking, most assumptions are made with fear of confirmation, fear of any outcome that may come about. Take an example, why do some or most of us fear to live?…and yet they comfort themselves with too much expectations that may come about in their life bringing a much significant positive change? Yet they fear on what they may do to bring out these changes. A step at a time is what we’re always told. Break your bigger expectations to smaller, more accomplishable tasks. Reason is, we tend to get more stressful when trying to accomplish a big task as a whole than when we break it down to smaller manageable tasks. Lets go to relationships. Where’s there’s mistrust, insecurities are bound to tag along. What happens?… the brain fires up to any doubts be there between the couples, be it an unanswered call, delayed or unresponsed text among others. This is as a fear of loss.

To summarise it, overthinking leads to complication of situations or events, stress, disconnection from reality, difficulty in social engagement among others. To practice thinking is healthy but don’t let it get above the bar.